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Lee Royal Hotel.mudu

Lee Royal Hotel.mudu

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Luoyang Modu Lihao International Hotel is a five-star business hotel invested and constructed by Luoyang Luanchuan Molybdenum Group Co., Ltd. It is located in Luonan New District, close to Luoyang Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and the beautiful Nanhu Music Fountain Square. It is 18 kilometers and 15 kilometers away from Luoyang Airport and Railway Station respectively, and 8 kilometers away from the world cultural heritage "Longmen Grottoes". With convenient transportation, it is a place to stay for business, travel and city sightseeing.

The hotel has a classic architectural style, modern colors, elegant interior decoration and a strong cultural atmosphere. The hotel is composed of guest rooms, catering, conference center, recreation center, and luxury suites. It can rent out 321 rooms/sets, with a total of 503 beds, nearly 1,200 dining places, and 138 parking spaces in the parking lot.

In 2013, the hotel re-upgraded the lobby, boutique shopping area, cafeteria on the second floor, meeting rooms and the hotel’s peripheral plaza, which further improved the overall quality of the hotel. The hardware facilities and supporting services have been renewed, and they will come from all over the world. Guests from all over the world provide a more comfortable and noble living and resting environment and business environment.

Hotel is committed to providing guests with "family-oriented" special services, so that guests can get a "satisfaction + surprise" experience every time they stay.

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Hotel phone:+86-379-80898888 

Hotel Address: 239 Kaiyuan Avenue, Luolong District

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