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Going to the world丨Molybdenum Capital "Luoyang Banquet" debuts in Russia

The 2nd World Chinese Cuisine Competition came to an end in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Modu Lihao International Hotel, a subsidiary of China Molybdenum Group, won the title of "Characteristic Banquet Championship" in one fell swoop, and the "Luoyang Banquet" produced by Modu Lihao won "The most distinctive banquet of the special banquet competition" award, contestants were awarded the title of "World Chinese Food Promotion Ambassador".
05 2021/06

Recognition丨Affirmation for three consecutive years is our biggest compliment

Recently, Wang Jinglin, member of the Standing Committee of the Luoyang Municipal Party Committee and Secretary-General, on behalf of the Luoyang Municipal Party Committee, delivered a letter of commendation to Wang Huajun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company, and awarded the "Summer Advanced Work" awarded by the Beidaihe Service Bureau, an agency directly under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, to Niu Henglin, the executive chef of Modu Lihao Hotel. "Certificate of Honor".
05 2021/06

Winter rhyme丨At the invitation of the season, the time comes

At the beginning of the winter, wandering for a long time, about the taste of food, at the invitation of the season, just in time, as promised, wild yellow croaker with green onion, ingredients, wild East China sea yellow croaker, shallots, etc., the meat is garlic clove-like, the taste is fresh and fragrant, and the spleen is invigorating Rise the stomach. Stewed Yanchitan lamb chops, ingredients, Ningxia Yanchitan lamb chops, white jade radish, etc. The meat is fresh, fragrant and tender, the soup is clear and mellow, and the secret sauce adds more flavor.
05 2021/06

Charm Annual Meeting | Hold is wonderful!

Time flies, and the light is fleeting. When the footprints of memory are bound and framed on the cover of the season, it is our high-spirited youth. In this warm family, we spend a happy time together. The annual meeting looks back on the past and looks forward to the future! Modu Lihao International Hotel Start a new journey with you
21 2021/04

New Year's New Year丨Non-traditional New Year Guide

The Spring Festival is approaching, your long vacation mode? Busy cooking in the kitchen, buying gifts, visiting relatives and friends, or dealing with the soul torture of relatives and friends? It is better to break away from tradition and get a different welcome experience with close friends with Modu Lihao
21 2021/04

Food丨The "Winter · Charm" of Ji Xiangnuan is full of flavor

A cup of ginger tea, a new food in a season, a pot of warming tonic, a greeting that belongs to the vicissitudes and romance of winter, I hope to meet you at Mudu Lihao International Hotel
21 2021/04
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